After owning and running a gallery for 17 years in metropolitan Columbus, Ohio, I moved to rural Livermore, Colorado in 1997 in search of a simpler, less frantic way of life.  Although I’ve designed and exhibited beaded jewelry for 20 years, it was time to move on to something more whimsical.

I developed beaded leaded glass crystal mobiles actually in 1985 and sold them in my gallery along with my beaded jewelry. Since moving to Colorado I have dumped the retail gallery concept for the gypsy life of a show artist.  Travelling is one of my favorite activities as it introduces me to new colors and textures of landscape and wildlife. I find the work of other artists I meet, inspiring!  They are my “Art School”. 
There is always a new idea or a new take on an old one.

The evolution of the designs of the mobiles is toward a clean, uncluttered look which can be enjoyed up close or at a distance under any sort of lighting. Sometimes my inspiration is a new crystal or a new color combination I find in nature or the texture of a painting seen at a show.

 My mobiles are more than just a crystal on the end of a beaded strand. They are truly “jewelry for the house”. They are a collection of fine materials from artisans from around the world, designed to evoke a feeling of continuity, completeness, and unity with other cultures around the world.